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Black Mac Sealing:

Blackmac is composed of lliquid asphalt, sand, solvents, tar and petroleum . . . the same products your asphalt is made from, this is what makes it so good.

Blackmac sealer, blackmac emulsion sealer, is a fuel resistant surface sealant specifically designed to weather seal parking lots, streets and highways against sun degradation and moisture penetration. It is designed to soak into, and sit on top of, asphalt thus rejuvenating the old asphalt . The product restores moisture to the old asphalt but yet still allows the asphalt to breathe. Because of the black matte finish, it makes ice and snow removal much easier. Blackmac sealer also enhances the appearance of your driveway, making it look new again, while protecting your valuable investment.   We are often called on by real estate agents to repair driveways prior to listing in order to enhance the home's curb appeal. Blackmac is manufactured by McAsphalt Industries, a leading supplier of various asphalt based products, since 1970.

When repairing cracks we use a combination of pourable, rubberized, flexible, epoxy type premium crack fillers which are urethane fortified to ensure adherence, durability and flexibility. Rust-oleum, blackgold, epoxy shield and Techni-Seal are brands we use.

In addition we make our own product which is a blend of heated, dried sand, mixed with blackmac which when made properly becomes as durable as asphalt and hardens the same. We use KP, or Kold Patch/Cold Patch, when repairing larger type indentations/holes in asphalt. We can also use, at an additional cost, hot asphalt for repairs, pot holes, lips and drainage ramps. The asphalt is purchased from Coco Paving. To ensure the old and the new asphalt bond together we use Colas, or RS-1. This is an asphalt emulsion which basically glues the old and the new asphalt.

Oils spot primer, of a commercial grade, is applied on any oil stains prior to sealing. This process insures the sealant bonds correctly and the stained asphalt does not soften and deteriorate. In addition we use a direct fire, hot, pourable rubberized crack repair which we apply using a commercial type melting machine similar to what the City of Ottawa uses to fix the cracks in the city roadways. This option is available for an additional cost.

Driveway Repair, Sealing & Services Include:

  • sweeping, steel brush cleaning, high pressure blowing, grass and weed removal from cracks, edge trimming of lawns
  • taping of interlocking, taping of foundations, taping of curbs, taping of decorative stone, taping of entrance to garage, taping of corners, utilize a
  • metal edger to prevent overspray in the event of a wind gust
  • high pressure spray repaired asphalt, high pressure spray new asphalt
  • repair existing ramps, repair asphalt ramps, repair cracks in concrete, install patches to asphalt
  • install ramps to garages, install drainage ramps at foundation wall
  • roll and/or tamp all repaired asphalt, roll and/or tamp all new ramps, roll and/or tamp all new drainage ramps
  • utilize colas/RS9 bonding agent with all asphalt work
  • utilize chalk line and/or tape to ensure straight edges of patches
  • utilize chalk line and/or tape to ensure straight edges of ramps/lips
  • utilize chalk line and/or tape to ensure straight edges foundation drainage ramps
  • debris removal from site

Construction Services:

  • drywall repair, patching, taping, sanding, priming, painting
  • trimming
  • ceramic repair, installation and ceramic backsplashes
  • interior and exterior house/window caulking
  • plumbing repairs and installations, faucet, sink and toilet installation
  • carpentry repair
  • chimney cleaning


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