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Gerald Aubrey first started in the asphalt business approximately 35 years ago with one of the leading, biggest and best, asphalt contractors in the City of Ottawa at that time, Dibblee Construction. With the experience Mr. Aubrey gained here he went on to perform, or manage, just about all aspects of construction in both a residential and a commercial type setting.

Some examples include the repair of asphalt surfaces such as roadways, walkways, ramps and driveways. As well as the interior and exterior repair and maintenance of all types of facilities including residential and commercial establishments.

In addition, Gerald Aubrey holds both an undergrad law degree and has also completed the Facilities Management Administrator, (FMA designation), from the Building Owners' and Managers' Institute. The FMA designation is designed to teach everything there is to know in the maintenance and repair fields of all aspects of buildings, both interior and exterior, including the grounds and underground parking garages. This designation would allow Mr. Aubrey to work in any part of the world if he wanted to.

Gerald Aubrey's prices are some of the best in the industry and the products, including the liquid asphalt we use, are designed to withstand our harsh winter environment and changing seasons. The liquid asphalt is applied using a spray process, which allows for overlapping to ensure even coverage.

We stand behind our products and our work and have an enormous following of clients who consistently call whenever work is required. Client satisfaction is our goal and we have been extremely good at this. We believe we have maintained a 100% client satisfaction rating. Our motto is, IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH OUR WORK...CALL US...WE WILL SEE WHAT WE CAN DO TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION...and we do.

Gerald Aubrey is the sole proprietor and performs most work himself, with the help of others when required. All spraying is performed by Gerald Aubrey. One of the aspects our clients always comment on is how neat we are and how we clean up after ourselves. We take the time to tape off any areas of your property to avoid any overspray. We are constantly being told by our clientele that we are extremely neat and professional.  Give us a try and you will see why Gerald Aubrey, www.ontarioasphaltsealing.com has so many repeat clients.


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