Ontario Asphalt Sealing by Gerald Aubrey

Residential Driveway Repair Services

Proper driveway repair, maintenance and sealing will extend the life of your driveway. We use a high-quality sealer that leaves the driveway looking fabulous for an average of 2-3 years. We'll edge and blow off the driveway to prepare it for sealing. Other prep work involves filling cracks, repairing potholes and eliminating oil stains. We ensure complete edge to edge sealant coverage.  Extra care is taken to preserve adjacent areas close to the garage, sidewalk, gardens and landscaping. Following sealing, the driveway is roped off to prevent unwanted traffic while the driveway cures. When you choose Ontario Asphalt Sealing for your property maintenance you will be getting a service from a contractor who cares about your property and who will treat it like his own.  We at Ontario Driveway Sealing want to earn a long term relationship with you and your properties.  We will provide accurate estimates, competitive pricing, and you will receive the highest quality results available!  We will earn your business. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate!

Commercial Driveway & Parking Lot Repairs and Maintenance

Ontario Asphalt Sealing can help protect your investment and help keep your expenses down by providing you with timely asphalt parking lot and driveway repairs.  Don't let your customers trip in that pothole!

How it Works:

After cleaning out cracks of grass and weeds, we fill the crack with a "dry" heated sand that is free of any moisture what-so-ever. This allows any product we use to adhere and gives the crack a backbone. Because of this, there is a higher percentage chance that the crack will not collapse and fail. We know of no other business that takes the time that we do to satisfy our clientele. Sealing dry time is 24 hours minimum. We may request property owners to stay off of the finished driveway for a longer period of time...depending on the weather. Sealant always dries to a flat mat..."GUARANTEED"... It can rain 5 minutes after we complete the sealing and it will not hurt it. Driveway must be dry for the sealant to adhere properly. Do not pressure wash your driveway for a minimum of 2 months once it has been sealed. Even then, it is recommended you lightly spray the driveway if it has to be cleaned. Detergents for washing vehicles and rims of cars and other modes of transportation can stain your driveway. If you get detergent on the driveway be sure to rinse it off right away. Asphalt cures in 48 hours. Rain will not hurt it. READ MORE . . .




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